Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Distant caregiving for my significant other

Maybe you  know and I am saying now that I am in  Canada and my significant other is in the Philippines. The only way we can communicate is through  the internet. We chat,  we video chat and sometimes send messages and emails.

Part of the whole process of almost daily communication between me and my significant other  is knowing each others physical condition. And  its always my wife who is always " masama ang katawan", masakit ang ulo, sinisipon. parang may trankaso, nahihilo, nagsusuka at ibapa.

This is not happening everyday but in the whole span of our distant  relationship there are days in a month, sometimes for a period of a few months she is not feeling well or sick. . As i am writing this article,  we had been  living on a two different world  and miles away kind of  relationship for almost 7 years. Its only through the modern technology  I can show my support and  a "distant caregiving for my significant other " This is the only way  we kept the feelings we have for each other.and have remained status quo for a long time.  Hopefully with the coming year 2013 we will be together  here in Canada for good.

Goiin back to "how i took care of my significant others health". As i have said  when she is sick, she tells me what she feels. Like  being a doctor or more appropriately as a caregiver i look for the signs or symptoms of her illness and recommend to her what she should take, not medicine but what food to eat. And if she could not take the pain anymore  she visits her doctor.

Whenever there are illnesses that kepts on bugging her  that  i dont understand   i do the research for the particular illnesses and what remedies to take. My research is for her to understand why, how and where the illness is coming and the natural remedies and food to take.

Within year 2010 up to now i kept records of the dates,  the illnesses and the remedies she took when she is sick. This  November 2012 all the " feelings of not well,  head aches, dizziness and vomiting. had all been a symptom which had been diagnosed  sometime in 2011 that she might be a " diabetic". But that supposedly had been overlooked that leads her to be confined for a serious general weakness of her whole body. Luckily her decision to be confined is a right decision that save her and gradually now she had recovered.