Saturday, November 10, 2012

A need for search for health

I  found it very easy to help my wife who is thousand miles away  from me using google search for her problems on health. When i don't know what she is suffering i usually consult and search for her problems.  For the last four years i had search for many topics on health issues, such as vertigo,  menopause, stomach problems, eye problems ,  healthy foods and so many. which i had organized until now.

When i found some  topics that elaborates on a certain inquiries i bookmark the site and sent it to her. So both of us read the information and we discuss her problems relating the information gathered.  But reading the information is usually not enough, it usually her consultation with the doctor does the final answer on what's her health problem and the remedies needed.

Gathering informations and studying it in relation to her problems makes her more secure and understands about what's happening on her body.  Though its written in English , there are translations which can be used to fully understand  the content of a certain topic.  There are also Filipino articles on health which she found it more easy to understand. So with this blog i would also be using the Filipino language to facilitate  easy understanding.

Having this experienced for the last four years gives me the idea of  posting articles about health. I know there is a " need for search for health" blog.  Search for health should cater to a persons particular need. There are a lot of  information online and searching for a particular problem takes a lot of time.  With the "search for health" blog site, it could relate to the persons or people suffering or having problems on a particular personal issue.

To the readers i also invite them to send their inquiries about  a particular issue on health and we could help each other tackle the particular issue. Readers could also share their experience about problems they suffered and the approached remedies.  Let's be interactive and hope for the better health for everyone and the world.